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Bulletin - URGENT

Dear friends,

Time is running out for the 1963 Trumpy M/Y “Tireless,” a casualty of Hurricane Irma in the Florida Keys.

The 67.6 foot Trumpy yacht commissioned by Roger Firestone, Contract 410, sank on Sept. 10 at the dock when a broken piling poked a hole on her starboard side.

The owners are coping with the aftermath of Irma and are unable to deal with the boat as well.

They have asked me to help save this historic yacht.

They will sign over this yacht to a new owner with both the commitment and resources to save her. The cost of raising her is estimated at $15,000.

If you or someone you know are able to rescue “Tireless,” the time is now.

Please contact James Silva at 410-310-1371 or Dale Fetteroff at 215-499-8288.


Jim Moores

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