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About Moores Marine

Moores Marine was founded in 1986 by James Moores and specializes consultations, restorations and repairs of antique and classic wooden boats. 

Moores trained in Maine shipyards, in Thomaston and Tenant’s Harbor, before starting his own boat shop in Lubec, Maine in 1978.

He built Maine dories and more than 30 custom commercial fishing vessels designed for the rugged seas of Maine and Canada as well as maintaining a fleet of 50 fishing boats.

Since 1986, Moores Marine has specialized in refits and restorations of antique and classic yachts, dedicated to keeping legends alive.


The company's major projects include more than 25 Trumpy yachts of the less than 85 that remain.

Other notable projects include a 1898 tug boat, a 1931 Consolidated and complete refits of the 1929, 102-foot John G. Alden Schooner, “Summerwind,” the eighth presidential yacht, “Honey Fitz,” a 1931 Defoe and the 1913 NY Yacht, Launch and Engine Company "Grace."


Moores Marine has been featured nationally and internationally in major publications such as Wooden Boat, Professional Boatbuilder, Showboats International, Yachting, Power & Motor Yacht, Southern Boating and the French magazine Neptune.


Awards include the “John Trumpy Award” at Ocean Reef’s Vintage Weekend and The Wooden Boat Show’s Concours d’elegance Award for “Innovation in Restoration” for its complete refit of “Summerwind,” which won its first race, the Newport Bucket, three months after launch.

About Moores Marine

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