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1929 102’ John G. Alden Schooner
Summerwind is a 102 foot-long schooner built in 1929 as Queen Ti for owner Arthur Crisp.
From the white oak log for the keelson to the clear douglas fir for the planking to foundering the fasteners, this was one of Moores Marine's great shining moments.  
Just three months after we launched her, Summerwind went on to win at the Newport Bucket.
After her win, she was donated to the US Merchant Marine Academy in Kingsport, NY, to be used as a training vessel. 

Summerwind in her original glory.

We had plenty to do.

Summerwind allowed us to do some of the greatest work of our career.

In no time, Summerwind was ready and in racing shape at that!


Summerwind sailing off.

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