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Honey Fitz

The Eighth Presidential Yacht
A 1931 92' Defoe Boat & Motor Works
Originally built as Lenore for Sewell Avery, who headed Montgomery Ward. She was appropriated by the US Coast Guard in 1942 and served as a picket ship off Rockaway Point and Fire Island in New Your. 
In 1945, she was refitted by John Trumpy and Sons to serve as a tender to a succession of presidential yachts. 
Lenore eventually became the private pleasure yacht of five presidents, beginning with President Truman. 
While in office, President Eisenhower renamed her Barbara Anne after on of his granddaughters. 
When President Kennedy took control of her and she was renamed Honey Fitz after his maternal grandfather. Kennedy spent the most time on Honey Fitz, from intimate state functions to private time with his family and friends. Because of her beam being only 16' most of the secret service were forced onto the chase boat. 
President Johnson enjoyed some time aboard the Honey Fitz and refused to rename her. 
When President Nixon came to office, the Honey Fitz was already well-known. Nixon renamed her Patricia after his wife and in 1970, President Nixon put her up for sale. 
After tracking her original plans and having the boat scanned, we overlaid the two to give us a road map for the restoration. 
Ninety percent of her the hull restoration was performed from the outside, even painting the frames and inner planking, leaving the interior intact and undisturbed. 
Honey Fitz's significance is not limited to American history as the eighth, and final presidential yacht. She also ushered in a new type of yacht construction. 

Lenore pre-1945

President Kennedy and his family aboard the Honey Fitz.

The reconstruction of Honey Fitz was quite a process.

She was definitely a group effort.

A look at the overall project.

Jim Moores goes over the planning and steps with the workers.

The guys getting the job done.

Honey Fitz back in the water after repairs and restoration.

When you have such a fine piece of art, it's good to have artistic pictures of it.

Jim Moores alongside the finished Honey Fitz.

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